Thursday, May 27, 2010

Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Better Choice for Director

I have a great love for the 3 years (only 3yrs) of the animated show Avatar the last Air Bender as I'm sure any of you who has heard my podcast knows.

You also may be aware of my dislike of M. Knight (However his last name is spelled here) being the one helming what could be the next great trilogy.

I dont even want to get into the casting -

Anyway I want your opinions folks - who would have made a better director on this possible series?

(BTW - if M. blows this out of the water - I will eat all the bad things I've said - but I doubt - highly)

My Pick: Ang Lee - noooo not cuz he's Asian!
but because...well yeah - a little cuz he's Asian - but that's a plus! and I know he can handle fight seqences from "crouching tiger" and touching moments also from afore mentioned.

Now its your turn! WHO?

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  1. as in the post above, i no longer trust ang lee. I think M. Night Shamalamdingdong is the right choice. This is the first movie where he doesn't have to do a twist. That has to be extremely freeing for him.