Friday, May 28, 2010

NERD WORD Casting Wish Couch for "NAMOR The Sub-Mariner" by Ed Johnson

Okay folks time for another faux casting call NERD WORD stylie!

This time its more of a poll - we wanna know who do you thing would make for the best NAMOR!

Below we have our (or my - I just like saying our - but I consulted no one) 2 top choices for who would play the lead - now let me state before anything that "HOLLYWOOD" has already been considering David Boring-anes of "Angel" & "Bones" fame - I've never seen the latter - he died at the end of Angel to me.

Anyway great guy but NOT I repeat NOT! the Sub-Mariner!

Ok first up drum drum drum drum

Daniel Dae Kim!

Just off Lost and about to start on "Hawaii Five-O"
Though he'll bring a built in audience with him - I think he lacks the intensity thats nec with super-tute Namor

And thats why I'm leaning toward my next pick RICK YUNE!

Thats right Johnny Tran from "The fast & The Furious" & the dude with the bad skin condition in the last Brosnan Bond flick - which escapes me now...

Anyway Yune has that anger that is so NAMOR & I think reps him a little better.

So you know how I feel - now we (there I go again) wanna hear from you! Who do you think would make a better NAMOR!?!

Or tell us who ELSE!

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  1. Why are all your picks Asian? Namor is half-European and Atlanteans are blue.