Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NERD WORD Casting Wish Couch for "The Avengers" by Ed Johnson

We have our Tony Stark / Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr - who's great - no one better in the role

and now we have our Thor Chris Hemsworth - who seems to be the right fit - though nothing but him in an amazing looking suit has been seen.

And although I've gotten over it and decided "screw it!" - Chris Evans is Captain America - I still dont think this is the right guy but whatever - below is a shot of Jon Hamm from "Mad Men" and he's just another guy that would've been better.

I'd like to now work out who I see rounding out the cast

Evageline Lilly is my pick for the Wasp - Janet Van Dyke

my Wasp - Janet Van Dyke back up - I see...

You know to match more along the lines of the Sam Jackson Nick Fury from the Ultimates

And I'm sure after The Dark Knight his quote would be too high - Aaron Eckhart is my Henry Pym Ant-man / Giant man

My back up and probably alot more possible - Mark Valley from "human Target"

This guy Jeremy Renner from the " Hurt Locker" has been mentioned alot as Hawkeye - (I think perfect)

And Finally for the Scarlet witch - I see Julie & Julia star Amy Adams

Those are my picks folks - oh yeah one more thing - just cuz

Evangeline Lilly

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