Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NERD WORD Casting Wish Couch for the "Alien" Remake by Ed Johnson

With the upcoming "Alien" remake being directed by Ridley (F'in) Scott the director of the original - I thought I'd take an opportunity to make his job easier and cast the movie for him - Here we go (Agree or Disagree)

My Pick for the new "Dallas" would be none other than Bruce Greenwood - most recently Captain Pike in the new Star Trek film.


For "Parker" made famous originally by Yaphet Kotto (Tough shoes to fill) and had he not passed on a perfect fit for my man Bernie Mac.

Things being what they are - I steered toward a man that would go to the opening of an envelope Sam L. Jackson - Also good fit but he's a bit over exposed for me - plus I think Marvel has him tied up for the next 30 yrs - sooooo I decided on -

Chi Mcbride of "Pushing up Daisies" fame and currently "Human Target" He gives you that imposing figure that Yaphet did but with the heroic come to your rescue teddy bear thing you're gonna need for his final scene


For "Kane" it was tough - its kind of a small role but a very important one - and you just cant "replace" John Hurt but I came up with Hugh Laurie from "House" - I dont like the show but believe Laurie has the chops - Plus we'd all get to see him die a horrible death - PLUS!


I had the same problem times 10 casting the role of "Ash" again - you cant just "relace" Ian Holm - But this is something the studio would prob never go for - but my pick is Jeffery Combs from "the Frightners", and of course the "Re-Animator" movies. He can bring that creepy anxiety and the "whats he going to do next" feeling (check him out in the frightners - scary at the end)


Lambert - No one Did scared the way Veronica Cartwright did scared - so you have to go with someone who can make "over-the-top" look believable - to me that's Amanda Plummer - You know "Honeybunny" from "Pulp Fiction"


I wanted to go a bit of a different way for "Brett" - I loved what Harry Dean Stanton brought to the role but thought this time around we'd go with a slightly more comic take but with subtly - and so for sidekick Brett I see - Luis Guzman!


And of course - my #1 pick in this draft for Lt. Ellen Ripley - I'd have to go with my girl Cate Blanchett!

Its possible - she and Scott have some history after "Robin Hood" and she is attractive but strong enough to carry this film!


Thats it folks the NERD WORD wish casting couch for the Alien Remake


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