Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nino 101: An intro to Domingo Lugo

Hello blogosphere.

It has been a very long time since I have dabbled in the written art of blogging. I have the distinguished pleasure of being invited to partake in a very interesting experiment. An experiment that involves some very long lost friends of mine.

I met Conrad in (of all places) the catholic grammar school Our Lady of Refuge in DA Bronx where we were both students. I'm too old to remember the particular details which drew us together but, suffice it to say, we hit it off.

Ed on the other hand... I can't say I remember meeting. Just that I knew him. It must have been through Conrad but, we all had a number of mutual friends so I can't say for sure. We also hit it off.

When we weren't developing stats for our role playing characters for practically every role playing game ever invented, we were drawing, writing and talking shit. It was a very good time in life, for me anyway.

Somewhere along the line I lost touch with them both until just the past couple of years where the magic of facebook, twitter and blogger brought me back to them. As it turns out, they continued without me and onto different adventures. Adventures to which I don't know much of at the moment. Be warned Con & Ed, one day soon I will corner you both in a bar somewhere in NY and feed you Jameson's until I know the full story.

As for my life without them. I was married twice, had a few children and am currently working for probably one of the dullest most inspiration robbing jobs on the face of the planet. On the bright side, I am a talented up and coming graphic designer and will one day soon go full time freelance.

Along side my aspirations to becoming a freelance graphic designer, I love to write. I've been doing some research and guess what! There are no shortage of thoughts & opinions on the web about any given subject at any given time. So what sets me apart from all the others? Well, I can't really answer that because I haven't read them all. You're going to have to judge for yourself.

All I know is that I'm an ordinary guy living in an ordinary world with some extra ordinary thoughts & opinions on lots of different subjects.

Some you will relate to, and others not so much. We'll just have to see. I just hope that those of you that decide this is something you want to follow, enjoy whatever it is that comes out of my mind and through my fingers. Even if you don't, feel free to comment on any of the subjects I decide to post about.

This is my attempt at an introduction and that's all I really have to say today.

Until next time.

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