Monday, May 31, 2010

RANT! by Ed Johnson

I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Like a band-aid you rip free from.


I stand wincing - waiting for the backlash - but thems the facts.

I don't feel as cheated as the end of the Soprano's but - com'on man!

6 years! (7 if you count that long lay over during the writers strike) 6 years I dedicated and patiently waited - hell, characters in movies were waiting to see what it was all about in the end.

All that time and loyalty and I'm left to sum up the conclusion on my own. Dammit I think we deserved a straight answer.

Ok, so this was Jack death journey (if you haven't seen it by now and that was a spoiler for you CATCH UP!) Does that mean none of the others really existed?

Does it mean that there are other versions of experiences by each of the characters?

Is everyone dead?

Was the island purgatory?

If this was only Jack's journey - why did it splinter off into other stories that he was unaware of - even if he created it why so far reaching?

Everything from was Claire really Jack's sister to who the heck was the lady that killed the woman who gave birth to Joshua & the man in Black?

Too many things left to our imaginations makes me feel jipped.

Com'on Damon, JJ & the other guy who looks like Ron Perlman's ugly cousin - you owed us more.

Funny, I was telling someone - there were no good endings...

Three's Company
Happy Days (was there a last show for HD's? I stopped watching after Richie left)
Any Star Trek (Next Gen - gen)

Guess now I gotta include LOST

Love the show hated the ending


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