Thursday, July 29, 2010

NERD WORD Casting Wish Couch for "The Dark Knight Returns" by Ed Johnson

Ok - I think our choice for Robin is a given with Chloe Mortez from the hit "Kick Ass" this year

And although they're thinking about Jon Hamm as the Superman in a current reboot -I think he works much better in this

For our demented - Dr. Ruth killing, older and wider Joker I think Travolta has it down

Ok - I picked Mickey bad ass Rourke for originally the Mutant leader and Viggo mortensen as our older Batman - but the more I think about it - Rourke's scenes in Sin City as Marv messin up cops with that gravelly voice over could work too - either way - thats all folks

It can work with mickey especially if you shoot it sim to Sin City - really making it look like a Miller drawn comic

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