Thursday, December 17, 2009

New format for NERD WORD & Talkín' Sh!t the Podcasts

With life being what it is - all parties involved are very busy bees and to insure that you folks that take time out to listen to us get a new show - I've taken it upon myself to consolidate both my shows into one big one - and I'll try to get that out to you on a more regular basis.

With the move of my co-host Conrad down to Florida its been difficult getting together and recording so - we are making NERD WORD back into just a segment of the overall show (AAWWWWW) but - that way should we not be able to get together again in a timely manner - you guys will still get some form of a show.

The same goes for Ed & Ms. A. that too will become a segment in an overall show blah blah blah

This week will be the first try at that - so forgive for the inevitable fuck ups that will occur.

Cross your fingers - and keep listening


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