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“Avatar” Part 1 the NERD WORD review

“Avatar” Part 1 the NERD WORD review

As some of might know my co-host for “Nerd Word” has moved from NY to FL and we've been finding it difficult to get together to record another episode.

Last week we tried over chat but that podcast c was unlistenable (they’re all unlistenable!) HEY! –

Anyway, in that last one we talked most specifically about James Cameron's Avatar. We fully reviewed, gave our opinions and as many spoilers as you can usually expect from us.

Not wanting to miss the boat (it now being a billion dollar bonanza) we decided we'd write our reviews here instead. The following will be mine and we’re waiting on snail’s I mean C's.

Warning! The movie has been out for nearly a month now and spoilers will be included here - so if you haven't seen it - stop reading this now.

What are you doing I said stop reading this now.

You're gonna ruin it for yourself...

Alright you knucklehead here we go.

First let me tell you that Cameron runs a close second to my other fav directors Ridely Scott and Terry Gilliam (spelling?) and I've already indicated in previous podcasts that no one compares in character development to the big C.

Sadly, none of the great in depth character development I hold so dear make it into this flick.
I don't know, maybe it was the 11 year lay off or the crap load of money from titanic (Lord knows it’s taken down its share of rappers) but the film starts in what could have been a montage as a setup.

Lead "Jake Sully" (Sam Worthington - my pick for Capt. America) is a former marine that's been crippled in duty. At least that's what you come to assume. I don't recall any attempt to explain how he got into the wheelchair - though not relevant to the story this is part of my point on lack of getting to know who these people are.

During the "montage" we learn that Jake's twin brother - a scientist - was killed in a mugging or some shit and they want Jake to take his place because they share similar DNA.

Bing bang boom he's on his way to space and then in a scene reminiscent to Aliens he and a buncha marines (who you never meet) wake up entering orbit of the planet they've come to rape.

Yup – that’s why they're here. There's an ore worth millions and the big bad industrialist are a commin’ ta take it Pa!

Cameron says often that he wrote this story 15 years ago because the tech wasn’t available – and it feels like a 15 yr old movie.

If you’ve Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, insert lame-fish-out-of-water-eventually-get-it-movie-here and you’ve seen this picture. Is it horrible? No – it’s decent, but it was when I first saw it. It’s so formula thought that it’s as if I wrote. You can see things coming from a mile away. If there was a secret in this movie M Night came and hid from Cameron in his hookah bong.

All that being said though – this is the best CGI you’ve seen since the dinosaur flipped over the car with the little kids in it. At first yeah – you’re critical and say CG, CG, and CG. 10 minutes later you’re saying wow, wow, wow. It a beautiful movie – really fucking beautiful.

But that’s it.

Michelle Rodriguez “guest stars” like she did on Lost and I really think this is how she should be in every one of her pics – brief – cause they kill her ass off here too.

I actually am being maybe too hard on this film because there was a 20 yr old girl in my office that loved it and her main praise was the story.

If I knew Cameron’s demo were chicks young enough not to know who the Beatles were – I would looked at it differently.

I didn’t – so I didn’t.

To sum up: Big tits – can’t talk to her.

For some of you – that’s enough. For me – I like to have a discussion while I’m calling the cab.

That’s my take on Avatar (was good to see another Cameron flick none the less)

If you haven’t seen it yet – good luck.

If you have and disagree with me – so


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