Sunday, January 17, 2010

The NERD WORD "Daybreakers" Review


The Nerd Word Review

Surprise! I think that's the best way to describe my feeling towards this flick.

From the ads it looks like a b-movie the same caliber of those shitty "Resident Evil" pictures - that isnt the case.

Why not? Lets start with what they do right.

As big of a fan I was of Blade, Buffy and Angel - I dont believe all vampires should know Kung fu. That - I think is the basis of what I fundamentally liked about this film.

For some reason new film makers have it in their heads that they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to vampire movies.

They either have to over romance novel them or make them into action films. now I dont hate all of those attempt (most) but not all - but what daybreakers does right is instead of reinventing vamps they flesh out more of what makes a vamp a vamp.

In a heavy "noir" style with lots of cigerette smoke for atmosphere - Ethan Hawke (who I havent liked in a movie since "Reality Bites") plays a human sensitive vamp - that is trying to find an alternative to a quickly depleting human blood supply - with poor to no results.

Things change when he runs into some humans that are on the lamb from the current society where they equate to no more than cattle.

Williem Defoe plays one of the leaders of these resistance fighters in what I have to say - must be the WORST Defoe performance ever. His southern twang is more nusance than character building.

They get together and discover an alternative to the blood shortage - but come to realize that not everyone wants them to tell the world.

This isnt the best vamp movie - but the quick shock moments and the gore take vampire movies back closer to what they're meant to be - horror films.

This still has an element of modern - but the cinematography and tension keep reminding you that anything can come out of the shadows.

I liked it


Ps - I dug Sam Neil from 1st Jurassic Park here too.

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